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Train in Your Home


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Imagine learning and implementing the same self-defense techniques that the professionals on television do. This DVD is your opportunity to do just that, but in the comfort of your own home! Learn how you can stay one step ahead of the attackers by building a solid stance to give you balance and control, focusing on your trigger control and learning positions you can’t experience at the range. Check out this integral addition to your 3-part Next Level Training system.

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1 review for Train in Your Home

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was excellent. I would also like to see ideas of where to place items arount the home-like pepperspray (both the gel and spray), knives, etc.—and how to hide them. I know everyone’s home is different, but I think where and the reason why would be helpful. When I put something in place, I remember that whatever I put there, the criminal can use it against me- makes me want to remove them.

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