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Emergency First Aid Fundamentals


Beyond performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, would you know how to save a life before the paramedics arrive? Or worse, when help isn’t accessible?

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Become your family’s first responder by reading Emergency First Aid Fundamentals, penned by author Michael Martin. From learning how to assess a patient’s condition, to delving into proper treatment of chest and spinal injuries, broken bones, shock, serious bleeding, and more, this book will prepare you to help others when only minutes remain between life and death.

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Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

8 reviews for Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

  1. Keith D (verified owner)

    I was a B-52 gunner during Nam. After the war I cross-trained as a medic. I served my last 2 years in the emergency room of a AF hospital. I was a licensed EMT but after getting out of the service I quickly got out of the field. I purchased the “Emergency First Aid Fundamentals” book to brush up on what I thought I already knew. I found I had forgotten more than I had remembered. ( Old age might be a factor) LOL This book is very informative and a great resource for emergency care. I would highly recommend every person keep this book as a fundamental reference to remain up-to-date on proper procedures, just in case you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. Keep learning!

  2. Gerry (verified owner)

    When the book arrived I began leafing through the book which confirmed my expectations that this book by Michael Martin will be both very informative and easy to understand. I am very pleased with the illustrations that accompany the subject. Definitely a must have and a great companion book fo his Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundementals handbook which is also a great book

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This book is easy to read and understand. Many of the technical words are defined in the margins. Like a good novel, it was hard to put down once I started reading it.

  4. Anonymous

    Great tool, everyone should have a copy at home. Simple effective information we all need to know.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great book. Easy to read and understand. Great knowledge for the layperson.

  6. Anonymous

    An essential tool. Too many defensive encounters involve the knowledge this book presents far more than do I have a great understanding of my fire arm. I may have to use force in one of eight violent encounters. I use first aid in just about every one of them.

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    This is an excellent “basic training” tool for the beginner. The book is clearly written, very well illustrated, and easy to follow. Great resource.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This book is great for trauma, and how to build your own first aid kit, and what you need for it everything is explained very simply, and easy to understand. The print is also large enough that it can be read quickly there are full color illustrations in the book that make learning easier, it also breaks down all the things that you would need to build your own first aid kit small medium or large and where to buy. If you already know first aid this will take you to the next level. A long with training. A great resource.

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