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Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals Online Training


Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals Online Training

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Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Wildfires. Civil unrest. Logistical strikes. Pandemics. In our contemporary world, we often take basic survival needs for granted. Water, food, shelter and security are necessary to live, and these necessities usually come easily — via the tap, the grocery store, our homes and our communities. The convenience can cause us to lose sight of how to fend without basic infrastructure. 

This course will prepare you with the knowledge of how to provide for your needs and those of your loved ones when the unthinkable happens. Learn how to survive for the first 72 hours, the next thirty days and beyond.

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  1. Luke

    As to be expected from Michael Martin, this is a course that draws from multiple trusted and reliable sources and distills the basics to the student, equipping them with what they need to survive the first 72 hours and beyond of a national or statewide emergency/disaster. I highly recommend it!

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