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USCCA Molon Labe Flag Mesh Back Hat


For centuries rulers and invaders have called defenders to give up their weapons. Show what you stand for with this historic and patriotic hat.

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This black, grey and white hat is the ultimate combination of patriotism and historic pro-2A beliefs. On the front, a PVC patch features a Spartan helmet with an American flag pattern across it with the words Molon Labe underneath. A tonal American Flag pattern is printed on the mesh on the back of this cap. This simple yet bold design embraces a spirit of independence and resilience which is still alive in this country’s patriots today. The pre-curved visor and mesh backing ensures you’ll have a comfortable fit wherever you go.



  • Slight Pre-Curved Visor
  • Adjustable Plastic Snap Closure
  • Pro Round Crown (E)
  • Structured
  • Mesh Back
  • Chino Twill Front Panels


  • Chino Twill/Mesh


  • Black

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Weight 5 oz



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2 reviews for USCCA Molon Labe Flag Mesh Back Hat

  1. Lenerd

    The words on this cap are in Greek and it translate to: Come and Take Them

  2. Anonymous


    Thanks for the translation. That makes me want to buy one, now that I know that it is Greek and what it means.

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