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USCCA Custom Survival Kit


Hope for the best, but always be prepared. The perfect survival kit for all patriots.

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Having a Survival Kit on hand in today’s world is an absolute must. Prepared Americans should have one in their home, car, work, or anywhere else they or their loved ones plan to go. This compact kit comes in a zippered USCCA pouch, and contains 10 lifesaving items. Inside you’ll find a compact multi-tool, heavy-duty tactical pen with carbide tip, 2-in-1 all-weather magnesium firestarter, LED flashlight, compass with dual-scale ruler, 4-inch Israeli bandage, antibacterial wipes, signal mirror, emergency whistle, and paracord. This lightweight, compact kit is truly the perfect choice for any patriot.


  • Compact multi-tool
  • Heavy-duty tactical pen with carbide tip
  • All-weather magnesium fire-starter
  • LED flashlight (150 lumens)
  • Compass with dual-scale ruler
  • 4-inch Israeli bandage
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Signal mirror
  • Emergency whistle
  • Paracord


  • Black

Size :

  • Pouch Dimensions: 5.9 in W x 3.5 in D x 7.87 in H

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Weight 29 oz



$100 +

33 reviews for USCCA Custom Survival Kit

  1. John

    This kit has what ya need for non life threatning injuries.
    Wish USCCA would sell the kit pictured in December 202 issue of Conceled Carry magazine.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We love this pack and everything in it. Plus there is enough room in it so that we’ve added some of our own items to it. Seems to be built very durable for whatever conditions we may put it through. Thanks USCCA for the well thought through and well built products that you offer.

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    I keep this in the center console of my SUV. I’m sure it will come in handy in the future! I love the tactical pen and flashlight!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The bag is great, pretty much everything inside it except for the paracord is low-budget stuff that won’t hold up if truly needed.

  5. Anonymous

    Over all a decent product for a one time use. The snaps that are on the molle straps keep un snapping after putting it on my armored vest that I wear on the range when I am instructing Students. It was so embarrassing that I just took it off! The antiseptic wipes that are inside are from Shandong Providence, China. What else in the kit is from China?

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice bag packed with the essentials!!

  7. Donn (verified owner)

    Very useful if needed hopefully won’t but as the motto better to be prepared than not.

  8. Matt (verified owner)

    This kit is awesome! Has so much stuff inside that can be very useful and plenty of room to add more essential stuff. Secure closure and neatly organized and I like the ability to use the molle straps to mount to anything.

  9. Anonymous

    Just went through everything and was quite impressed. I will also put it in my console. Think it needs a couple of quick weapons other than a gun to prepare for a tight situation. Any suggestion? Knuckle dusters?

  10. Andrea (verified owner)

    A really great kit! I ordered one for me and one as Christmas present. Awesome set of items that covers the majority of basic possible emergencies in multiple situations and for the cost, it is a great value! The bag that I gave as a present, was one of the biggest success for the whole group. Thank you USCCA, please keep producing deals like that, very useful for every day family protector life.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had an older survival kit for a bug out bag and while I had a lot of similar components I appreciate the way this one is set up a lot more, I think the best part about it’s probably the bag it’s in which would normally sound kind of dumb but it’s actually pretty nifty. Straps onto the backpack great and has several quick detaches.

    As for it’s included tools as far as I could tell they seem upper mid-range, No obvious junk included, mostly all metal components and has all the basics covered.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great kit. I put it in with my trauma kits. This is top shelf stuff.

  13. Donald R (verified owner)

    I received this as part of a promo. Had I known what was included I would have passed. There should be scissors, a better fire tool. The ferro rod came off the one I got. There should be a water filter too. This is for emergencies after all. The signal mirror is smaller than expected, the multi tool is not really multi, and the bag itself has a lot of extra straps and flap that are not needed. The whistle is nice though.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The kit seems like it is good quality. I only gave four stars because the penlight does not work right. When it does it is very bright. I like the pen the best.

    • Tim Damico

      We will reach out to you by email to see if we can help with the broken light.

  15. Anonymous

    Everything about this kit is AMAZING! Loved the MOLLE attachment as well; it acts as a great addition to my range/hike bag. I did happen to unfortunately lose the pocket clip to the flashlight but other than that, it’s perfect. Does anyone happen to know the specs on the flashlight? Trying to either get a THYRM Flashlight Ring or find one that will attach but I don’t want to waste money.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a great kit with essential items and room for you to add more vital items of your choice. It will fit on your belt, hook onto your back pack, the back of your car seat or wherever you choose. It is also a great gift!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This kit is a high quality survival pack with room for you to add items of your choice.

  18. Buford

    This was a wonderful gift. The flashlight is bright and the other stuff nice. I’m turning the bah into a nice size gunshot trauma kit to go in my range bag just in case since it came with the tourniquet and bandage anyway. Decent quality but the compass was broken but usable. I have little need for it anyway.

    • Brandon Allen

      Hi Buford! I am so sorry to hear that your Survival Kit arrived with a broken compass! I am sending you an email now to take care of that for you!

  19. Robert

    Great Kit I keep mine in the car good piece of mind.

  20. Anonymous

    Simply put, this is a very cheap kit. You could source the individual components off of Amazon for less than $30. When mine arrived the bag zipper was already broken and the survival pen was already broken (writing portion of the pen would not come out). The flashlight is quite bright and if the survival pen would have worked, it was nice. The keychain was a bit confusing, if it was designed to be a light and seatbelt cutter if fell short on both counts. To be fair, I got this as a free gift for signing up for the insurance, so for me it didn’t cost anything. I would think USCCA should put just a bit more quality and thought in to this product.

    • Tim Damico

      I am very sorry to hear that some of those items were received broken. I just sent you an email so that we can help you with this!

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am well satisfied with this kit as a matter of fact I ordered another one. this is an excellent kit.

  22. Brandon

    Love the kit. All the basics are here for emergency needs. One question I had: were batteries supposed to be included for the flashlight? My kit did not come with batteries. Just curious. Thanks!

  23. Julie

    I love this kit. I’m new to all this and would really like some instruction on how to use some of it. Maybe you could add a video to the courses with a “how to” lesson. The courses here prompted me to buy a lot of things for a large first aid kit for my business.

  24. Tommy

    Got it for free just for signing up, can’t complain, great kit for 0 extra bucks

  25. Anonymous

    Great kit. What size batteries does the flashlight take?

    • Calvin

      It takes 2 AAA batteries.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had one of these already and wanted another one for my other vehicle. My only wish was it would have the tourniquet like my first one did. Would come in handy with a life threatening situation.

  27. David

    Sorry, this kit is a fail. As someone who is professionally trained in Search and Rescue and has used this type of gear for years, I would not recommend this kit to anyone, doubly so at this price. Save your money, do some research, and buy quality tools and then become competently trained in how to use them. Simply having this kit around does prepare one for anything, and by no means is it a ‘perfect survival kit’. It’s surprising, and disappointing, that USCCA would advertise this kit and include it with its new member’s kit. What a waste.

  28. David (verified owner)

    Not much of an outdoor person but the kit is ok for starters, my question is how do you use the magnesium fire-starter. thankyou.

    • Calvin

      We do not have any videos posted on how to use it, but there are lots of them available on YouTube. This way, you can get a visual demonstration of how to use it.

  29. Anonymous

    When I got my kit the picture showed the tourniquet but when I asked about the tourniquet I was told that it was removed from the kit. For what reason I never was given I think that would probably be one of the most important tools of this kit. I had also had a problem with the flashlight and USCCA promptly helped me out with that but that only lasted about three more months and the second flashlight pooped out it also. Same thing with a pen, it lasted two weeks the replacement was sent it lasted about three weeks or so. At first it was a great writing pen it was nice to have a tactical pen when in areas or workplace where you’re not allowed to carry concealed etc. but mine quit extending also and when I could get it to extend it just didn’t write it’s like it ran out of ink after using it two or three times. I actually replaced some items with some off-the-wall practical items that we used in the military. They happen to be a feminine hygiene products (use your imagination) for gunshot wounds they work I can testify to that! Again the flashlight the pen and the lack of the tourniquet are my biggest gripes. I also did get this kit as a promo so while l it sounds like I’m being picky I’m more giving constructive criticism! I appreciate the gift but looking at the price tag knowing the quality some of the items are there’s no way I would pay that much! I do like the large strap as I attach it to my headrest in my vehicle and I’ve actually had to use it three times. So the size the concept with some replacements and some of what I thought we’re going to be the nicest things are just not useful. A folded medium stiff piece of plastic would be great for a sucking chest wound. I actually got a plastic paper sleeve that you put in a binder folded it up and put it in my kit for that purpose.
    I agree that some good scissors and some good tweezers would be potentially irreplaceable tools. Throwing a compass and a rescue mirror in the kit I think is a necessary as most outdoorsy hikers climbers etc. wouldn’t carry a kit like this unless you were in the amateur or once in a blue moon go for a hike in the woods kind of person. As far as the fire starter yeah I just put two big lighters in there inside a couple Ziploc’s. Eventually I guess I’ll go buy a tourniquet. They have the same ones that we carried in our trauma kits in the military and a couple of our local gun stores for around $45. Definitely appreciate the thought I have used it but it’s a very basic basic first aid kit more than anything

  30. Ginger (verified owner)

    The bag is kinda cute….not real sure about the contents. For $155 I would have expected some real quality stuff that would withstand some hard use. I don’t want to need something and have it fail. It will be fine just to have in my car tho

  31. Anonymous

    There is a lot of good stuff in the kit! I wish the usc a sold the flashlight individually because it’s a great flashlight

  32. Todd

    Decent product with room for more items of your own personal edc or your own preferred survival gear but overall as a $155.00 starter product it is very underwhelming I got mine for joining the USCCA and knowing what I know now about this product if I were to get another it would be through the reference program NOT cash/card now I will do a pro con list because I still like this product I will start with pro

    1) plenty of room for more gear
    2) bag is actually pretty durable
    3) comes with decent first aid
    4) didn’t come with a wire saw ( I think we can agree those suck)
    5) plenty of pockets and stretchy nylon straps
    6) multiple carry points
    7) full body zipper and a cross pack Velcro strap that runs top to bottom

    1) the contained items are cheap as heck ie. The cordage is shoe string the flash light is cheap aluminum and does not come with batteries and the multi tool feels weak but haven’t tested it yet and it’s accompanied belt pouch is extremely weak
    2) because of so many weak/cheap items it’s NOT worth the price
    Those are my pro con list now I have mentioned space a few times related to the extra items you can add to it and now I will give you a run down of ho I set up mine
    Not counting what comes with it here is my list wish I could take pictures but here goes nothing
    Large grim workshops survival wallet that is holding it fill a hatchet fish cards slingshot arrow cards the works
    Next I have the grim workshops boot knife and sheath
    After that it is holding the NAA Companion.22 revolver
    A bivvy tent and sleeping bag and inflatable pillow
    And chainsaw variant of the commando saw
    550 paracord
    Grim workshops fire tender (I really like grim workshops I know)
    A whisker biscuit
    Four packs of mre toilet paper
    Three stone arrowheads
    Electric tape and a couple of (fishing) yoyo’s
    And a box lighter
    So like I said a lot of spare room but not much at the start I hope this wasn’t too much

  33. Greg

    Upon joining the USCCA, I was gifted this product. Being a lifelong avid outdoorsman and enthusiast, I love all types of survival products, small beneficial/necessary items, practical survival tool, and any useful product that could give me that needed edge in a situation should the SHTF! I have to say that I was overly impressed with this survival kit upon receiving it. Short of having a firearm and some ammo in it…lol, it pretty much has everything necessary that a serious survivalist would have in a compact kit of this nature in which to grab and go in a hurry if needed. This is a very well thought out kit, with basic yet perfect supplies/items, that I carry in my truck at all times. I don’t think you can go wrong with this survival kit.

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