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USCCA Range Bag


Haul gear to the range in a sturdy bag that’s loaded with pockets to keep essentials organized.

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Never Be Forced to Leave Any of Your
Favorite Guns or Gear at Home Again…

More Guns, More Ammo

Fully padded, with ample pockets to secure up to four pistols. Includes slots for six magazines, plus room for ear and eye protection and a cleaning kit.

Durable and Reliable

Your USCCA Range Bag features durable quilted padding and heavy-duty zippers that will safely secure whatever you put in it.

Limited-Edition Design

Featuring a modern design emblazoned with a sleek USCCA logo, this exclusive version will be gone soon…


Head to the range in style with our durable USCCA Range Bag. This gear is thoughtfully constructed with a removable interior tote that includes an adjustable pocket divider. So you customize the space for your unique needs. Fully padded with ample pockets to secure up to four pistols, slots for six magazines, plus room for ear and eye protection, and a cleaning kit. For carrying comfort, use the handles or the removable/adjustable padded shoulder strap.


  • Embroidered graphics
  • 2-bag design, with removable interior tote
  • Adjustable pocket separator
  • 4 exterior zipper pockets
  • 2 interior zipper pockets
  • Removable, adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Holds up to 30 pounds
  • Rubber feet


  • 600D polyester with padded panels


  • Black


  • Exterior bag – 15 in x 10 in x 8 in
  • Interior bag – 13 in x 8 in x 5.5 in
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Your purchase is backed by the USCCA 365-day, 100% money-back, bulletproof guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason, simply call our USCCA team and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

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Weight 42 oz


46 reviews for USCCA Range Bag

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This range bag is amazing. I t has places for things that need places. I have guns, ammo, cleaning supplies and bandages stuffed into it, and more ammo. My wife says I have to carry it. It’s still great and a great buy.

  2. Tim (verified owner)

    I like my range bag. Has all the space I need and works great. I would recommend the purchase

  3. Joseph

    I like the range bag, I received it as a gift for coming onboard with USCCA. Looks great and the materials seem durable, just wish it was a little bit bigger! This is the only reason it is getting 4/5 stars.

  4. Anonymous

    I got this as a gift for joining. It’s too small and has no way of locking the center compartment. Quality is good

  5. Rene (verified owner)

    Purchased this using my $50 gift card that I received when I joined, Awesome range bag. Plenty of space for quite a few pistols, all the range gear you may need and some! Much bigger than I expected, and very well manufactured.

  6. Edward

    I love this bag! It’s got tons of pockets and a bag inside to put all your ammo and guns in for easy moving. I will use this bag! Thank you guys awesome gift 😎👍

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great bag. Lots of room. Holds everything I need.

  8. Anonymous

    high quality and holds a lot. better than any of my other range bags for sure.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This bag is great! Love the size – not too big, not too small. Lots of pockets, etc. to organize everything. Quality made. Worth the price. I’d been looking for one for a LONG time….really like this one!

  10. Mike (verified owner)

    Good bag for “range day”. Room for everything you need for the day.

  11. Jefferey (verified owner)

    This bag is amazing and very well made. I was able to fit all of my cleaning gear and anything else I would need for the range. And I still have an amazing amount of room. I have bought other bags that cost more and this one beats them all hands down.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the range bag it has a pockets to put clean kit and ammo and gun to go to the range

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I like this range bag. Plenty of storage, but not too bulky. The bag is well built and the straps have held tight. Recommend this bag to anyone.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A very good quality bag. Substantial zippers. Lots of pockets to organize your gear, with nice padding. Shoulder strap or handles for convenience.

  15. Gerry (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this bag. It is made very well. I would def recommend it

  16. Anonymous

    This is my second range bag from USCCA which is still in excellent condition after many years of use. This bag however serves as my all-in-one trauma/first aid kit. Now the range bag and “med kit” both fit in the new USCCA duffle I purchased. One bag to transport and carry!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great bag! Was not looking for a monster size bag. When I take a few pistols to the range it works really well. Quality is really good.

  18. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Great quality range bag. Plenty of pockets. I bought this as a reward-gift for a new shooter and 1st time gun owner who has recently changed their opinion of our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. Next I’ll get ’em to join the USCCA! 👍🇺🇸✔

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    this is my 2nd bag. I love it. Great quality. I take pride in the logo.

  20. Matthew (verified owner)

    I have a old and it is half the size I have a lot more room in the new one it is a great bag well built

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice bag. Size is great. Very durable bag and separate bag inside allows for creative packing of gear. Quality is top notch. Holds a lot of gear for the range.

  22. Reggie

    I received my Range Bag over the weekend and I’m so Happy with it. It suits all of my needs for the Range and more. The you everyone at The USCCA for the wonderful gift for becoming a PROUD MEMBER. And I’m just that a Very PROUD MEMBER of The USCCA and will continue to be just that and take advantage of the excellent Training that they have to offer as well. Again, thank you very kindly USCCA………🤝🏾🇺🇸💪🏾

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good size appears to be very durable.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Like it loved it holds everything that I carry to the range thanks.

  25. Claude (verified owner)

    My only disappointment was not having a padded pocket for safety glasses.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this range bag. Now, I don’t have to carry the big range bag on wheels anymore. I can put range finder, magazines, ammo, target markers etc. into this bag and it all goes with me. Takes up only a small amount of room.

  27. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Great bag for the price. Roomy and durable. And I like the interior bag that can be removed and used separately. Good looking.

  28. Samuel (verified owner)

    +Decent material that doesn’t feel cheap.
    +Good size for 1-2 handguns and ammo
    +Removable interior section that is like a smaller bag
    -Took a little while to break in and expand to full size.
    Overall good bag, 4.5/5

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The range bag was not what I expected from seeing the picture and reading the description. Overall, it is well made and will serve its purpose.

  30. Anonymous

    I love this bag! It has pockets for pockets and a good size middle for cleaning kits and larger accessories. The only thing I wish it had are magazine pockets that fit double stack 45’s, it does fit double stack 9’s and single 40’s.

  31. Anonymous

    Great mid-size range bag, exactly what I was looking for! I take three pistols with me at most and this holds enough gear to get me through. I love the interior bag that pulls out to give me more flexibility with what’s on the table. Quality seems solid – I can’t think of a single thing I’d change. Good value, thanks USCCA!

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought 2 as Christmas gifts this past year. Both recipient’s loved them and I saw how well they worked out for them, I had to have one for myself. No regrets holds enough ammo PPE and hand guns for a range day.
    So now I have bought 3

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good range bag.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The range bag was a little larger than I expected but holds my handguns and equipment nicely for trips to the range.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The bag is great for my range use just the right size very durable

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice quality for the money.

  37. William (verified owner)

    USCCA shouldn’t be buying anything from china!! True patriots will pay more for items made in USA. NO MORE china USCCA

    • Anonymous

      We appreciate and understand your concerns and are continuing to explore what it would take to build even more support for American enterprise and industry. It can be a challenging task in the current global marketplace, but it’s one that we remain highly invested in as we continue to grow.

  38. Dan

    Oh my, I received this beautiful range bag as a gift, and I am very impressed with it. I already had what I thought was a good range bag, BUT when I look at the teachers that this bag has, well my old one is in the shop now to carry tools.

  39. Anonymous

    amazing range bag/ edc for me as i work armed security. So i myself turned it into my work bag. wow does it work amazing . lots room for everything

  40. George (verified owner)

    I received my bag over the weekend and I must say it’s the bee’s knees! It easily holds all my handgun gear, 3 guns, 250+ rounds, ears, targets, note book, 1st aid kit and more. Quality looks to be top notch so I expect it to last many moons. And it was half price to boot! Thanks USCCA for a great bad and a great deal!

  41. Anonymous

    Received this bag as a gift when I signed up for USCCA. This bag is hands down the best range bag I have ever used. There is so much room in this bag. It carried my Beretta Neos .22 and my Taurus Spectrum .380, along with extra magazines, cleaning supplies, ammunition, smaller targets, hearing protection, and other small accessories. I still had plenty of room to spare.
    This bag is definitely a keeper. The attachable shoulder strap makes this really easy to carry so I have my hands free for other things. Thanks USCCA!

  42. Blair (verified owner)

    Well built, large range bag. Carries enough gear and pistols for both my wife and I including electronic ear protection and eye protection. Great value!

  43. Steve

    Flat out awsome bag. Well made, with enough room for 4 handguns. (at least that’s how many I carry in it). Love the magazine pockets. If you don’t currently have a range bag, look no further then this one!

  44. Michael (verified owner)

    I purchased three when they were on sale. I will likely buy three more the next time they are on sale. An excellent all purpose bag.

  45. Robert

    The range bag is exactly what I wanted.
    Before joining USCCA I’ve looked at many bags and even purchased a few but this one is the best, very high quality no issues so far it has room for everything I want in a range bag.
    Only downside to me personally it’s not made by American Labor in the USA 🇺🇸 a detail that goes beyond this review.
    Being a member of USCCA and the training it provides to members is a great opportunity for everyone who carries concealed. I’ve carried for several years and have gotten a lot of great information by becoming a member and improving my shooting ability and now a great bag to boot.
    Thanks USCCA

  46. Eric (verified owner)

    Nice bag. Well thought out. My only problem is that the slots to hold my mags won’t fit my PSA 5.7 Rock mags. There should be a few larger or maybe use elastic material.

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