USCCA AR-15 Bundle

The essential item for any AR-15 enthusiast looking to enhance their shooting experience and firearm care​.

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USCCA Real Avid Gun Tool Pro AR15

When it comes to mission-specific tools, the USCCA Real Avid Gun Tool Pro AR15 is packed with functionality.

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AR-15 Fundamentals

Take a deeper look inside America’s most popular and versatile rifle.

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BarrelBlok - RifleBlok

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The USCCA AR-15 Bundle enhances the AR-15 shooting experience by providing the tools, knowledge, and safety measures necessary for optimal firearm performance and maintenance. The USCCA Real Avid Gun Tool Pro AR15 is a multi-tool with 35 special tools that help you fix and take care of your AR15 rifle, making sure it works well every time you use it. The AR-15 Fundamentals book delves deep into the mechanics and use of the AR-15, offering valuable insights on ballistics, maintenance, customization and more for both new and experienced AR-15 owners. The BarrelBlok RifleBlok product included in this bundle adds a crucial layer of safety, allowing for handling and training with the firearm without live ammunition.


  • USCCA Real Avid Gun Tool Pro AR15:
    • Contains 35 tools for AR15 maintenance
    • Magnetic parts storage compartment
    • Includes multiple Allen wrenches, a pin punch, a bolt carrier scraper, and more
    • Stainless steel frame with a utility knife and a carrying pouch
  • AR-15 Fundamentals Book:
    • Comprehensive guide on AR-15 operation and maintenance
    • Covers ballistics, accessories, and operating systems
    • Instructions on customization and safety measures
    • Designed to complement hands-on training
  • RifleBlok:
    • Safety device for training without live ammunition
    • Ensures firearm is visibly safe
    • Allows for the practice of loading, unloading, and malfunction drills
    • No need to modify firearm to use

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AR-15 Fundamentals


AR-15 Fundamentals

BarrelBlok - RifleBlok


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