USCCA Logo and Molon Labe Pint Glass with Leather Sleeve


End a long day of training with a cold beverage in this USCCA glass and leather sleeve combo!

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This glass and sleeve set is perfect for anyone who supports the USCCA and believes in the right to bear arms. Each 16 oz glass comes holstered within a 100% full-grain hand-stitched leather sleeve, which has been debossed with the USCCA logo on one side, and a Spartan “Molon Labe” on the other.


  • 100% Full Grain Leather Sleeve
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • INCLUDED: 16 oz Pint Gass


  • 100% Full Grain Leather


  • Brown Leather


  • 16 oz Pint Glass


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Made in USA



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